I’m a T. Rex


2-5 years

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A dinosaur book with humor and fun facts—perfect for the youngest dino fans!

«I’m a T. rex!
I ROARRRR and I romp!
I GRRROWWLLL and I stomp!
I’m a T. rex.»

In this brand-new Little Golden Book, a T. rex tells all about his great and terrible self. Facts about the T. rex are humorously presented: «Does the T stand for toothy? Does the T stand for tall? Does the T stand for terrible? I am known as them all!»

The ending reveals a surprise: the T. rex is still a baby in a nest, watched over lovingly by his «great BIG MAMA T. rex!»

This Little Golden Book is illustrated by Brian Biggs, one of today’s most in-demand illustrators. He brings to life the popular Shredderman books by Wendelin Van Draanen.

Author Dennis Shealy is a children’s book editor and the author of the popular Little Golden Book I’m a Truck, illustrated by the award-winning artist Bob Staake.


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